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Payments are due on the 2nd of each month (December through March).  You can see the amount due by accessing your parent account.  You may pay the full amount due for the season or you may pay the amount due for the month.  You may pay on-line via credit card (processsing fees will be added) or you may pay with a check made payable to CCJ VOLLEYBALL.  Checks can be dropped into the safe at our facility.

NOTE:  We will not send monthly reminders that payments are due. 


CCJ volleyball teams

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CCJRS 12-1
Head coach: Sarah Dubberley
Assistant coach: Sellers Dubberley
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CCJRS 12-2
Head coach: Robert Goerke
Assistant coach: Jessica D'Ambrosio
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CCJRS 13-1
Head coach: Cassidy Bailie
Assistant coach: Lori Conway
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CCJRS 13-2
Head coach: Daijah Washington
Assistant coach: Kambria Darby
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CCJRS 14-1
Head coach: Geoff Waring
Assistant coach: Kayla White
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CCJRS 14-2
Head coach: Smith Ann Burley
Assistant coach: Kirsten Carter
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CCJRS 14-3
Head coach: Wilma Jackson
Assistant coach: Hannah Caver
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CCJRS 15-1
Head coach: Jared Rand
Assistant coach: Kelsey Rand
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CCJRS 15-2
Head coach: Siedrick Orozco
Assistant coach: Kelsey Hansen
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CCJRS 15-3
Head coach: Katie Musser
Assistant coach: Ashley Ingwersen
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CCJRS 16-1
Head coach: Tenesha Williams
Assistant coach: LeAndrea Johnson
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CCJRS 16-2
Head coach: Victoria Marchant
Assistant coach: Miara Williams
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CCJRS 17-1
Head coach: Tanielu Mose
Assistant coach: Kortney Barnes
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CCJRS 18-1
Head coach: Tori Bartels
Assistant coach: Neysa Hernandez
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CCJRS 18-2
Head coach: Jaysen Richards
Assistant coach: Abi Capouya
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