2021 Summer Camps and Clinics

2021 Capital City Juniors Summer Camps

Camps and Clinics are back for the summertime! This year we are offering camps and clinics weekly to a variety of skill levels. 

Each child must be picked up within 30 minutes of the conclusion of camp and can be dropped off 30 minutes before camps. 

Be sure to register online to secure your spot! During registration, the website will prompt you to "Register for Free." Please be sure to complete that registration and bring your payment with you on the first day of camp/clinic or pay online. 

Click HERE to register for Camps and Clinics!

Positional Clinics

Our positional clinics will focus on fundamentals and skill development specific to that position. We will provide each player with repetitions, instruction, and specific feedback on all skills necessary to their specific position.

Setter Clinics

Name Ages Date Time Cost  
Setter Clinic I 12 & Older June 23rd 6pm-8pm $50  
Setter Clinic II 12 & Older July 21st 6pm-8pm $50  

Libero Clinics

Name Ages Date Time Cost  
Libero Clinic I 12 & Older June 8th 1pm-3pm $50  
Libero Clinic II 12 & Older July 6th 1pm-3pm $50  

Hitter Clinics

Name Ages Date Time Cost  
Hitter Clinic I 12 & Older June 15th 1pm-3pm $50  
Hitter Clinic II 12 & Older July 13th 1pm-3pm $50  

Serve and Pass Clinics

Name Ages Date Time Cost  
Serve and Pass I 12 & Older June 22nd 1pm-3pm $50  
Serve and Pass II 12 & Older July 20th 1pm-3pm $50  


Skills Camps

Our normal skills camps focus on all aspects of the game, with an emphasis on fundamentals and skill development. We provide each player with repetitions, instruction, and specific feedback on serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, defense, transition, and team concepts. The purpose of these camps is to provide beginners and intermedite skill set players with the oppurtunity to improve their volleyball mechanics. Volley-Tots camps are for athletes 12 and under new to volleyball and Rising Star camps are gear towards players of an intermediate skill set ages 10-15 years old. 



Name                            Ages                           Date                      Time                        Cost     

Volley-Tots camps are geared towards beginner's skill level.
Volley-Tots I           12 & under                      May 31st-June3rd          9am-12pm       $120
Volley-Tots II          12 & under                     June 14th-17th                9am-12pm       $120
Volley-Tots III         12 & under                    June 28th-July1st            9am-12pm       $120
Volley-Tots IV         12 & under                    July 12th-15th                  9am-12pm       $120

Rising Stars camps are geared towards an intermediate skill level.

Rising Stars I         10-15 year olds                 June 7th-10th                 9am-12pm       $120
Rising Stars II        10-15 year olds                June 21st-24th                9am-12pm        $120
 Rising Stars III       10-15 year olds              July 6th-8th(3-day)           9am-12pm        $90 

Rising Stars IV       10-15 year olds                July 19th-22nd                 9am-12pm       $120

College Coaches Camp


This year CCJ is offering two College Level Volleyball camps. These camps are a great way to be seen in action by actual college volleyball coaches. So while you are fine-tuning your skills, you may just earn a scholarship as well. These camps will be run by college coaches from surrounding states. College camps are 3 hour events, starting at 10am and finishing at 1pm. There are two different dates providing athletes with the desire to play collegiate volleyball the opportunity to participate, they are June 18th and July 16th.

Graduates in Classes of 21'-25'
Cost per athlete $120