About Our Club

Capital City Juniors is the premier organization for girls club volleyball in the Montgomery area.  We train athletes from ages 6-18 from beginners through competitive travel teams under USA Volleyball.  

It is our mission to blend passion with perspective to combine love of the sport and intensity with knowledge, integrity and discipline. We provide an opportunity for highly motivated volleyball players to develop and enhance their skills through participation in a safe and enjoyable environment that encourages a healthy competitive spirit and atmosphere in which to train and flourish. Each program is designed to provide the best possible opportunity for young athletes to develop basic and advanced volleyball fundamentals, achieve success and accomplish their goals.

The athletes who participate in our program are expected to learn the benefits of teamwork, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and high standards, as well as the joy of achievement. We are committed to developing our athletes into positive forward-thinking players who have the tools to excel in volleyball and in life. Our goal is to develop character through an environment that emphasizes earnestness, mutual respect and passion towards the sport.
We believe competitiveness, hard work and fun can and should co-exist. We encourage our players to learn the game, perform at the highest level and finish the season with a positive view of themselves and the experience. With dedication and commitment on everyone’s part, we will have a successful and exhilarating program.