Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the AHSAA rules regarding club volleyball? September 25, 2016
A. It is best to read the AHSAA rules on the AHSAA website for yourself. But CCJ considers the following: ** High school coaches are limited on who they can coach in club season. ** No more than three players from a single high school team (Junior Varsity & Varsity) may play for a single club team. This does not include seniors, elementary, or middle school students or students who are not on the school’s team. If CCJ thinks there is a possibility that a younger player may get selected to play on the junior varsity or varsity team, the CCJ staff makes contact with the High School coach to discuss/assess. ** Athletes may play club volleyball at the same time as another sport for their high school.

Q. What are the consequences of not indicating the correct school name for my child? September 25, 2016
A. If a parent fails to indicate the full and correct school name for their child on her player profile, and this error/omission results in CCJ placing four (4) or more players from the same school on a single travel team, the player(s) with the erroneous information on their profile will be removed from the team.

Q. What should I expect at tryouts? September 10, 2016
A. CCJ understands the stress that tryouts may bring to some players. We try to create an environment where participants are not “stressed” during tryouts. We want to see their best possible play and best possible attitude. Tryouts consist of skill testing and game play situations. Coaches will evaluate each athlete on their ability to complete individual and team skills, acceptance of instruction, effort and attitude. Each age group tryout will be different based on abilities of that age group. All parents are welcomed to watch tryouts.

Q. Does everyone who tries out make a team? September 10, 2016
A. Not everyone is placed on a team for two reasons. First, not everyone is ready for the competition level that club volleyball provides. These individuals may not be placed on a team but instead given advice on how to improve their level of play in order to play club volleyball the next season. Secondly, Alabama High School Association limits the number of players from a specific high school team from playing together. In those cases, we try to offer those players a position on the other CCJ team in that age group.

Q. Am I allowed to “play up” to an older age group? September 10, 2016
A. Everyone is evaluated at their age level during tryouts. Each tryout is separate and distinct from previous seasons—so if you played up one season, you may not the next. There are cases in which CCJ believes that placing a player in the next age group is beneficial to their development, however in most cases we believe that it is best for a player to play in their age group. When athletes have worked hard and attained a level of excellence it creates an opportunity for those teams to be more competitive at Qualifiers, Regionals and at the Power level. Typically if an exceptional player “plays up” they are reduced to a median status against the older players and potentially lose an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. The decision to move a player to an older age group is solely at the discretion of the CCJ staff with parental concurrence.

Q. Can I request to be placed on a team with my friend? September 10, 2016
A. While everyone likes to play volleyball with their friends, CCJ cannot make that a consideration for tryouts. With everything that is considered for team placement, it is too difficult to accommodate everyone’s friend request. Additionally, CCJ has seen a lot of benefit by players making friends with many girls across the capital city area because they played club together.

Q. If I played for a different volleyball club, will it affect my chances to make a CCJ team? September 10, 2016
A. Every player is given a fair and equal chance at making a CCJ team! CCJ welcomes all players and would love for every volleyball player in the capital city region to play club volleyball—at CCJ or any other club

Travel Teams

Q. How many players will be on my team? September 10, 2016
A. CCJ believes that part of the club experience is tournament play; therefore, we have a limit of 10-12 players per team to ensure sufficient player development for optimal team competitiveness. With the coaching staff that we provide it equates to a coach ratio of 6:1. This ratio improves the opportunity for learning.

Q. Does everyone get equal playing time? September 10, 2016
A. CCJ states up front that the growth and learning comes in the practices where every girl has equal opportunity to grow and learn. At tournaments, the coaches put forward the most competitive players so that they can to win. This means that there is not equal playing for all.