Travel Volleyball Basics


CCJ Travel Volleyball Basics

Try-Outs / Uniforms / Fees

  • Try-Outs will be held during the first weekend in November, this year they're 11/6-8.  
    • Please use the MENU to navigate to the try-out pages for details.
  • Teams will be selected and posted after try-outs.  
    • More details about our process will be added to the web-site in late October.
  • The fee schedule will be posted here.
  • Uniform pricing will be posted in October.  The estimated cost for a new player who has to purchase all of the required uniform items is $326.
  • Uniform orders will be placed in mid-November.
    • We will have an announcement for uniform fitting times.  
      • These will be held after try-outs.  


  • Teams will practice 3 times per week.  
    • Practices Monday-Thursday are closed.
    • Weekday practices are held every day of the week and will be either 5pm-7pm or 7pm-9pm.
    • One practice will likely be on the weekend.  These times vary.
  • Practice days and times will be set after teams are selected.
  • Practices will begin the week of November 30th.


  • The first tournament will typically be our HEART OF DIXIE tournament in January, which is held in downtown Montgomery at the Crampton Bowl Multi-Plex.
  • Most teams will play in five to seven tournaments, which are held on the weekends.
    • The number of tournaments vary by team.
    • Most tournaments are 2-day tournaments; some are 1-day tournaments.
  • Our region consists of locations in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.  
  • Teams may also travel to Florida and/or Mississippi to attend tournaments.
  • The tournament season will end, for most of our teams, at the SRVA Regionals in April; this tournament will be in Atlanta.
  • If your child's team attends Nationals, their season will extend through early July.


  • CCJ prefers that all families / players stay in the same hotel.
    • This allows the team to react promptly when their are last-minute schedule changes.
  • CCJ does NOT require that players share rooms.  They are allowed to room with their family.
  • Each family is responsible for their child's travel arrangements (transportation, hotel, meals).
  • Team Moms will often secure a block of rooms for the team.
    • If you know that your family will NOT be staying with the team, please let the coach/team mom know before the team mom starts working on hotel blocks.