2023 Reverse Coed 4s Tournament


Saturday, June 17th, 2023
Registration is $160
Cash Price is $300
20 team max 

CCJ Reverse Coed Tournament

       Capital City Juniors will be hosting a reverse coed 4s volleyball tournament!!! There will be a 20 team max. Registration is $160 for each team. Pool play will be best 2 out of 3. Games will be to 21 points, cap at 23 for the first two sets and cap at 17 for the third. Pool play will begin at 9:00am. Games will start/proceed continuously. As one game concludes, the next game will begin within an 5 minute warmup time. Honesty system will be used for every match. The championship game will be best 2 out of 3 games with no-cap, win by 2 points. An up ref will be present for the championship match. 

Please contact Alexis McInroy at programs@capitalcityjuniors.com to register your team!
In your email please include: team name, team captain's name, and your captain's phone number and email.

Reverse Coed 4s Rules

  • Player requirements: 2 females and 2 males.
  • Net Height: Net height is standard women’s net height.
  • Back Row Attacks: Men can only attack out of the back row, behind the 10 ft line. 
  • Blocking: Men are not permitted to block. 
  • No Rotation: Players do not need to follow any rotation; teams only need to keep a consistent serving order.
  • Finger Action Over Net / Sets Over Net: No finger action / tips over the net, unless redirecting on a block. If not attacking, the send over the net must be a bump, closed fist / knuckle, or a set over where the ball is pushed in a straight line (i.e., sets must travel perpendicular to the setter’s shoulders).
  • No Guy or Girl Rule: Any combination of players may contact the ball.
  • No Jump Serves for Male Players: Due to the lower net height, jump serves by male players are not allowed and are a service fault.