Private Lessons

   At CCJ, we offer private one-on-one lessons to anyone looking to better their skills. If you are looking for extra reps, more specific coaching in one skill, or wanting to get ready for school ball tryouts, private lessons would be a great option. Private lessons are scheduled with the athlete and a CCJ coach.  Lessons were created to allow a more convenient option to everyone schedule. One can decide to do as many as they would like and as often as they would like. Our CCJ coaches have access to our court schedule. Once you have selected a coach listed below, reach out to the coach via email to schedule a date and time that works best for you and the CCJ coach. 
   We have seen a lot of growth in our athletes that prioritze one-on-one lessons. This area of training allows one-on-one attention that benefits the player with more specific feedback. Atheletes can anticipate to gain more understanding about specific skills and build confidence through successful reps during lessons. Lessons start at a base pay of $50 for one hour. Most coaches are flexible to adjust the duration of time and number of athletes. If you are interested in a lesson for two or more athletes at a time, just ask the CCJ coach you contact for more information. 

Capital City Juniors Coaches

Alex Beckham

Carla Butler

Charlee Jordan 

Emily Brooks

Jay Wilkes-Mathews

Kennedy Smith

Kelsey Rand

KJ Ledyard  

Lex McInroy

Macy Kemper

Melody Taylor

Miara Williams 

Rhi Keck 

Rhyan Howe

Sarah Boyd

Siedrick Orozco

Shayne Guttensohn

Summer Jackson 

Tenesha Williams
Valerie Armstrong 
  (607) 778-0869